Deiva Ltd.

Ziedu medus

“Deiva” ltd. offers to get products brought out from beekeeping products. We offer 100%  beeswax candles of various forms and size as well for daily or special occasions or as wonderful present.

Beekeeping products for your nutriment and health:                                    

  • delicious;
  • known;
  • comfortable for use;
  • effective;
  • useful.

We are not capable to change many things, but we can improve quality of Your life offering healthy products from nature! "Deiva"ltd. was founded  in 1997. It  preserves  and continues to develop traditions connected with processing of beekeeping products and  introducing market with new products.

Raw materials of  the production are used to be purchased from the beekeepers and farmers of Latvia. "Deiva"ltd. gives priority for production of local producers.  In the course of time stable and trustworthy collaboration relations with them have been formed. We endeavour to purchase raw materiāls from as various districts of Latvia as possible.  In this way we support local producers and in the same time are able to offer our clients  broader assortment of flavour and sort. Our company is proud of wide and varied assortment of production. We pay especially much attention to the quality of our products.


"Deiva" ltd. is aimed to such directions:

  • to preserve and to continue increasing the assortment of our production and to form for them a stable place in the market of Latvia;
  • to preserve and  to improve collaborating relations with suppliers of raw material;
  • to improve the system of quality control  for bringing out the production of higher quality.

At the moment we offer products which can be divided into such groups:

  • Honey, which can be packed in the vessels starting from 30 g to even 4200 g, individual orders are accepted as well;
  • Natural beekeeping products: propolis, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly;
  • Beekeeping products in honey - supplements: pollen in honey, propolis in honey, royal jelly in honey, bee portion (pollen, propolis, royal jelly in honey).
  • We have started series of  products like: aloe in honey, celery in honey, and golden root in honey. Novelty in our production – oranges in honey, kiwi in honey and lemon in honey.