Honey delights

Honey delights are high quality products made of honey. It is well known to add a honey to the tee or on Christmas time honey with nuts.

Deiva Ltd. also have traditional products, but we have found the way, how to use honey more effectively.


Hazelnuts in honey Hazelnuts in honey is one of the traditional products. It is in TOP selling products on Christmas time. Hazelnuts are mild in taste, they are rich in aminoacids, proteins, vitamins, fiber. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, that are very important for heart health.
walnuts in honey Walnuts in honey - wow, what a taste! Walnuts also contain proteins, aminoacids, dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, like omega-3 fatty acid. They contain many vitamins and minerals; antioxidants.
Muesli with berries and nuts Muesli with berries and nuts is an original product. It is made of cranberries, walnuts, cashew nuts and honey. Cranberries with honey become in one sweet and sour harmony. Cranberries are rich in vitamin C, phytoncides and other biologicaly active compounds. Muesli is very popular as present for friends, colleagues and family.

Lemon-honey extractStrawberry honey extractCranberry - honey extractRaspberry honey extract


An unique product from DEIVA Ltd. are honey fruit/berry extracts. These extracts are exclusive products with taste of fruit or berries mixed with honey. These extracts are source of vitamins. They help to improve immune system, they help to detox body.

For now there are lemon-honey extract, cranberry-honey extract; strawberry-honey extract; raspberry-honey extract; cherry honey extracts. 

 These extracts are made by technology that helps to coserve all healthy components from berries and honey. Extracts are packed for 40 g in glass jars. 

Honey lollipop Lollipop with honey knows every child. This lollipop is made without artificial colours and preservatives. It's taste is simple and sweat. 
Honey sherbert Honey sherbert and honey sherbert with cinnamon is made of honey and sesame. It satiates appetite in healthy way. Seasam helps to improve working capacity.  Try it once and You will like it!