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Bee Pollen




Bee pollen is actually pollen from flowers that is collected from bees as they enter the hive or is harvested by other means. Bee pollen is the main source of food for most honey bees and their larvae.

It is a rich source of nutrients with 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts, a full range of vitamins, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, over 5000 enzymes and is rich in the bioflavonoid rutin. Its richness in these nutrients may help contribute to overall good health and energy. Bee pollen contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins and is very high in protein and carbohydrates. The nutrients in Bee Pollen are very concentrated. This nutritional density means that even small amounts provide effective and valuable levels of important nutrients. In other words, bee pollen, as a food source or as a supplement, provides low volume, but high intensity, nutrition.


  • It seems to help prevent the symptoms associated with hay fever, like sneezing, eye-watering, runny nose and other allergy-related ailments.
  • stimulates headwork capacities;
  • restores physical power;
  • cures impotence;
  • improves general physical state and well-being;
  • promotes appetite;
  • helps to regulate the function of the digestive system;
  • normalizes sleep.



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Pollen in Honey


Contains: pollen, honey.

  • promotes health;
  • improves appetite;
  • restores physical power;
  • stimulates headwork;
  • treats diseases of the stomach and liver;
  • cures anaemia;
  • reacts against infectious diseases.
Use slowly sucking. Adults daily dose 1-2 soupspoon, children till 12 years of age 1 - 2 teaspoon. Advisable to use 2 times a day during breakfast and dinner (not advisable  before  night).  Time of usage a month. Repeating course several times a year, e.g., in the beginning of each season.


Not advisable for diabetics and corpulent people.

in a dry, cleag, unlit place, at temperature not above 20 °C.
Expiry date -2 years.



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 Bee bread - Perga

Pollen canned by bees. Contains albumen, amino acids and fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins.


  • improves adaptation abilities of the body.
  • reduces fatigue;
  • lowers the process of inflammation;
  • strengthens heart muscles.


  • in case of the digestive tract disorders;
  • hepatitis, anaemia;
  • nerve diseases for prophylaxis;
  • influenza for prophylaxis;
Slowly suck, 1 - 2 soupspoons, children till 12 years of age - 1 - 2 teaspoons a day. The course - a month. Can be used 2 times a
year. Contraindications sensitivity to beekeeping products.
Keep in a dry, cool, unlit place. Expiry date - 2 years.